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In our excursion to Costa da Morte, we will visit some of the most beautiful places of Galicia, viz. the Finisterre Cape, Muxía and the Ézaro waterfall. Basking in the hue of the latest sunsets in Europe, we will walk through the picturesque fishing villages, the natural landscapes and the sacred Celtic sites. Our trip will also lead us to places with some of the best fish and seafood in the world.

Believed to be the end of earth during Roman times, and a home to pre-Christian cults linked with “Ara Solis”, Finisterre Cape is the final destination for Camino de Santiago. The cape, rich in spectacular views of Atlantic Ocean, also hosts a prominent lighthouse–the first ever built on Costa da Morte.


Muxía houses the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de la Barca, a sanctuary famous as a pilgrimage site for Camino de Santiago.


Ézaro Waterfall, one of the most surreal experiences of Costa da Morte, is the only waterfall at the mouth of a South European river that falls into a sea. The waterfall is surrounded by Mount Pindo (Celtic Olympus), fishing villages and virgin beaches.